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Context English Upper Sorbian
dependenciesdialog|Dependencies System dependencies check Kontrola systemowych wotwisnosćow
dependenciesdialog|label1 The extension cannot be installed as the following system dependencies are not fulfilled: Rozšěrjenje njeda so instalować, dokelž slědowace systemowe wotwisnosće njejsu spjelnjene:
extensionmanager|addbtn _Add _Přidać
extensionmanager|bundled Bundled with %PRODUCTNAME Z %PRODUCTNAME dodaty
extensionmanager|enablebtn _Enable _Zmóžnić
extensionmanager|ExtensionManagerDialog Extension Manager Zrjadowak rozšěrjenjow
extensionmanager|getextensions Get more extensions online... Wobstarajće sej dalše rozšěrjenja online...
extensionmanager|label1 Display Extensions Rozšěrjenja pokazać
extensionmanager|optionsbtn _Options _Nastajenja
extensionmanager|progressft Adding %EXTENSION_NAME %EXTENSION_NAME přidać
extensionmanager|removebtn _Remove _Wotstronić
extensionmanager|shared Installed for all users Za wšěch wužiwarjow instalowany
extensionmanager|updatebtn Check for _Updates _Aktualizacije pytać
extensionmanager|user Installed for current user Za aktualneho wužiwarja instalowany
installforalldialog|InstallForAllDialog For whom do you want to install the extension? Za koho chceće rozšěrjenje instalować?
installforalldialog|InstallForAllDialog Make sure that no further users are working with the same %PRODUCTNAME, when installing an extension for all users in a multi user environment. Přeswědčće so, zo žani druzy wužiwarjow ze samsnej instalaciju %PRODUCTNAME njedźěłaja, hdyž rozšěrjenje za wšěch wužiwarjow we wjacewužiwarskej wokolinje instalujeće.
installforalldialog|no _For all users _Za wšěch wužiwarjow
installforalldialog|yes _Only for me _Jenož za mnje
licensedialog|accept Accept Akceptować
licensedialog|decline Decline Wotpokazać