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Context English Upper Sorbian
RID_STR_COPYING_PACKAGE Copying: Kopěruje so:
RID_STR_ERROR_WHILE_ADDING Error while adding: Zmylk při přidawanju:
RID_STR_ERROR_WHILE_REMOVING Error while removing: Zmylk při wotstronjenju:
RID_STR_PACKAGE_ALREADY_ADDED Extension has already been added: Rozšěrjenje je so hižo přidało:
RID_STR_NO_SUCH_PACKAGE There is no such extension deployed: Tajke rozšěrjenje znate njeje:
RID_STR_SYNCHRONIZING_REPOSITORY Synchronizing repository for %NAME extensions Repozitorij za rozšěrjenja %NAME so synchronizuje
RID_STR_REVOKING_PACKAGE Disabling: Znjemóžnja so:
RID_STR_CANNOT_DETECT_MEDIA_TYPE Cannot detect media-type: Medijowy typ njeda so zwěsćić:
RID_STR_UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE This media-type is not supported: Tutón medijowy typ so njepodpěruje:
RID_STR_ERROR_WHILE_REGISTERING An error occurred while enabling: Při zmóžnjenju je zmylk wustupił:
RID_STR_ERROR_WHILE_REVOKING An error occurred while disabling: Při znjemóžnjenju je zmylk wustupił:
RID_STR_CONF_SCHEMA Configuration Schema Konfiguraciska šema
RID_STR_CONF_DATA Configuration Data Konfiguraciske daty
RID_STR_BASIC_LIB Basic Library Zakładna biblioteka
RID_STR_DIALOG_LIB Dialog Library Biblioteka Dialog
RID_STR_CANNOT_DETERMINE_LIBNAME The library name could not be determined. Mjeno biblioteki njeda so zwěsćić.
RID_STR_PACKAGE_BUNDLE Extension Rozšěrjenje
RID_STR_DYN_COMPONENT UNO Dynamic Library Component Komponenta UNO Dynamic Library
RID_STR_JAVA_COMPONENT UNO Java Component Komponenta UNO Java